The Innovator in aquatic ecology brings the revolution in algae harvesting

The focus of our technology sprung from the growing problems of eutrophication worldwide. The eutrophication results in excessive algae blooms and turns lakes into a green soup. The algae blooms can turn complete lakes into “dead zones” due to the lack of sunlight entering the water, when the algae die and sink to the bottom they will extract the oxygen from the water. Extinction of fish, wildlife and water plants will result, please see our movie in “cinema section”

The revolution of WaterNed technology will help to rejuvenate the troubled waters on a 100% biological / mechanical method for high-speed, non-stop, algae harvesting.

FDA approved
The WaterNed biological polymers received FDA certification from the United States Food and Drug Administration. There are several FDA approvals given for our polymers, based on human consumption and animal consumption.

Custom build
We can offer custom build harvesting plants as well as mobile units for cleaning algae blooms on any desired location.

By the end of 2011 we finalized our technical specs on the equipment. Operations in both sweet and salt water are 100% effective. Many types of algae species have been successfully tested.

We have a mobile unit available for demonstration purposes. Contact us for demonstration possibilities at any time. (in The Netherlands).


The system can be divided in 4 main segments

1. Mobile units

2. Small water body

3. Large water body

4. Water intake facilities

1. The mobile units

For the harvesting of algae blooms in certain locations you can choose for the mobile unit. The mobile units are special designed for, water regulatory authorities, commercial water management companies, landed proprietor.
Capacities for algae water treatment between 50 m3 – 200 m3 per hour.

2. Small water body

For small water bodies that need constant rejuvenating the choice will be a “stand alone unit” with a calculated capacity. Possible applications, irrigation ponds, city pool, city lake, accumulated water from farming industry, basins.
Capacities can vary between 600.000 m3 – 3.000.000 m3 annually.

3. Large water body

For large water bodies like lakes and drinking water reservoirs we developed the state of the art stationary units that operate 24/7. Extreme low power usage. Long maintenance interval. Operation can be followed and adjusted from any location worldwide.
Capacities can vary between 2.5 million m3 – 5 billion m3 annually.

4. Water intake facilities

Water intake facilities such as (nuclear) power plants, cooling towers, (oil) refineries etc. The system can be placed in the existing situation, for instance on a cooling water intake pipeline for power plants. On site advice will be given for the best possible solution to stop the algae inflow to the cooling system and preventing from cluttering. With the WaterNed system there will be no standstill days, nor cooling water system flushing days.

How it works

The system is based on rejuvenation of troubled waters by full speed harvesting of algae and/or sediment and delivering organic material free, clean water.

Resulting is 2 high value streams:

1. Algae/sediment
2. clean water

Value of the algae residu stream:

additive feedstock in (coal) power plants, high energetic value, high value

Extracting of PO43 (phosphate), solution for phosphate shortage!

CO2 reduction, during the algae growing cycle a large volume of C)2 is absorbed.

Value of the water stream:

The clean water stream can be directly supplied to tap water processing plants to feed the need for drinking water.

Farmland irrigation water is becoming a severe problem due to local pollution, after the WaterNed solution harvests algae and/or organic materials the water is ready to be (re)used for irrigation purposes.

Industrial use, industrial production processing needs water of high quality.

The animation explains the WaterNed proces


Several independent water laboratories in The Netherlands handle water research for WaterNed and her customers. You can reed the test results in these PDF’s.

Water analyses


WaterNed® offers innovated algae harvesting solution founded trom the “Eco Conscious" mind of WaterNed. The solution is based on rejuvenation of troubled waters by full speed harvesting of algae and sediments. Delivering organic material free clean water and two high value residue stream, water and algae.

The basics:

• 100% biologica!

• Fully automated mechanica! part

• Low energy needs

• High value “residue" streams

• Clean water

• High energetic value in algae

• Co2 reduction

• Extreme high capacity

• Modular extendable to any desired capacity

• Plug and play system

• Remote controlled operation possible

• Besides harvesting of algae

• Sediment removal

• Organic material removal

• lncorporated in “algae production" streams

• Re-use of Co2 emissions

• Cleaning of waste water streams

• Harvesting possibilities trom all kind of liquid streams

• Small carbon footprint

his unique designed algae harvesting solution is innovated to supply the World a energy friendly, high capacity method tor harvesting organic solids trom liquid streams.


WaterNed is the rightful owner of all the rights pertaining to the manufacturing, distribution, sales and service of WaterNed®. WaterNed sees to a joint operation/sale of units and third interested parties in participating in a license agreement or complete handover of all matters concerning the WaterNed® solution to a third party.

The WaterNed® solution has been thoroughly tested by Dutch University located in Wageningen, WageningenUR; a full report is available, proving it to be far more effective than any comparable device currently on sale in the market. The WaterNed® solution has also the capacity to be available as a stand-by device in case of serious Blue-Green Algae blooms. lt could be used to become the World standard solution to keep waters free of excessive algae blooms.

lt can be deployed immediately upon occurrence of (Blue-Green) algae blooms whether occurring on lakes, rivers or even open ocean.

The benefits in short

• 100% biologica! polymer, USA, FDA approved

• Fully automated mechanica! part

• High value “residue" streams

• Extreme high capacity

• Modular extendable to any desired capacity

• Plug and play system

• Small carbon footprint

• 2 high value streams, Water and Algae

• Harvested algae can be used for

• Extruding of Phosphate

• Used for Human consumption (only algae trom production plant)

• Used for Ani mal Feed (only algae trom production plant)

• Polymer not traceable in residue

• 100% safe for human, plant and ani mal

• Placement of stand alone units, modular extended to any desired capacity

• Use of mobile units for small algae blooms

• Use of mobile units mounted on boats to cleanup algae blooms on the ocean


1. The WaterNed® solution is a high-speed algae harvesting system, separating algae trom water.

2. The WaterNed® solution unique design makes that the units are easily modular extendable.

3. The WaterNed® solution is designed trom a 100% biologica!/ mechanica! procedure

4. The WaterNed® solution is unique in the way of “harvesting" a broad range of organic materials, trom algae and organic materials to sediments.

5. The WaterNed® solution has a unique system that can detect the algae/water ratio and adjust the input of polymer accordingly.

6. The WaterNed® solution can operate 24/7 fully automatically.

Operational Costs and Maintenance

1. The WaterNed® solution is practically maintenance-tree, annual inspection is mandatory.

2. Maintenance is depending on the wear and tear of the pumps and press belt. (Depending on influent pollution level)

3. Running cost are very low and are basically limited to the required power input and small number of operating staff required on the plant

4. Deployment and operating the WaterNed® mobile solution is extremely easy; it requires one operator and one product discharge manager.

5. Operating the WaterNed® solution according to established procedures can be round-the-clock for at least 6 months without maintenance. (Depending strongly on influent pollution level)

We foresee in a structured and detailed knowledge transfer trom the original inventors to the new owner, or potentially trom the prototype builder to the new owner, all part of the negotiations and after-sales.


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